End of a musical era: Goodbye, Columbia House 

When stars speak, do we listen?

My take on Tommy Chong.

Don't our kids deserve better?

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Contract WRITER -  Writer/researcher for firm's Bad Boss of the Month monthly newsletter/site​

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Bob Hope: The USO's One-Man Morale Machine

That time Rosie O'Donnell and I did a selfie video interview.

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Proficient in conducting interviews with celebrities, executives.

Expert in researching a wide variety of topics and writing and editing for different tone and style. 

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'Inside out' the Midlife Brain.

​​​February 2016 - Now

A video chat with Dr. Phil's wife, Robin McGraw. 

November 2016 - Now 

Tips on how to dance like a star


professor of the practice/lecturer - Journalism program

Writer/editor based in the Washington, D.C. area.

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Experienced in SEO optimization for all online content.   

​Well versed in AP style. 

Ann Oldenburg

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Writer: daily tips for the D.C. area

Made you look: Naked TV shows get lots of eyeballs

Contributor/Reviewer - Writer: Blog items, reviews of children's media 


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Reporter/blogger - Covered all forms of news - trend stories, features and hard news- with a focus on entertainment.

POP Culture
I have covered pop culture and entertainment news - celebrities, TV, movies and books - extensively.

Adept at developing and creating content under tight deadlines. 

Excellent under pressure. Able to see the process through from idea to publication, working independently and with a team.

Oprah is God


Founder: Sun. Surf. Sand. You. 

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Intern/Copy Clerk  - Wrote for the Style section, answered phones, managed a team of newsroom clerks. 
I have experience being on camera and in front of a crowd, moderating panels and interviewing celebrities.
BORN: Pensacola, Fla.
DEGREE: Journalism
University of Florida

All about Kim K's waist trainer.

An interview with Miss America.

Meet one really bad boss


January 2016 - Now

I fell in love with journalism in college. James Joyce drove me from being an English major into the J-school, after a slight detour in the landscape architecture department. 

I have worked at two of the most well-known places in the journalism world - The Washington Post and USA TODAY. From those places, I have learned the value of accurate, quality, lively writing.